Welcome to LARC, a call center providing low-income Massachusetts residents with free legal advice and referrals to other pro bono service providers.  At LARC, we manage two hotlines, each with it’s own eligibility requirements. 

Eligibility Guidelines  
Unfortunately, we’re not able to help everyone with their legal issues for free. But, you might be eligible based on whether you live, your age, your family size, your income, and the nature of your legal issues.  Save time by figuring out whether you’re eligible right here on the website.  Just click here to view our eligibility requirements. 
How It Works
When you call the LARC Hotline, you’ll be connected with an advocate who will determine your eligibility for services. Then depending on your legal issue and situation, you might consult with the LARC advocate about your legal questions and rights, with the advocate providing legal advice and additional resources, a referral and/or written materials about your legal rights. Click here to learn more about LARC.